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So this is us - Keri and Pete. Partners in life for the last 25 years or so and now partners in business. We met In Cornwall many moons ago and for a long while worked as community workers in Plymouth and Bristol. Pete still works as a mental health worker in Cornwall and Keri is the main lead and designer for Humblecottage. 

We returned to Cornwall after many years away, downsizing to a small cottage to lead a simple and humble life - hence the name!

We are great believers in community, connections and a love of nature, food and landscape. Our life down here involves; walking, foraging, exploring, swimming, sailing and creating and is the foundation of many of our designs.


After a while all this blue and froth of hedgerows seeps into your heart!

You'll notice that our cheeky little terrier - Yuki likes to get in on our photos shoots. That's because she is an essential part of our team - she gets us out walking each day - come rain or shine! 

An everyday connection with nature and landscape is a really important part of our design process, Sometimes it is taken literally and sometimes expressed in more abstracted terms, but it all stems from the feelings and emotions we experience when out being absorbed in this beautiful place that we live in and also the places we travel to.

We love using our original art ideas to apply to print and surface design. We like to make functional products, that can be customised and utilised within your home.

We are always up for a challenge, if you have any further ideas for a customised product or colourway, then please contact us and we are happy to talk it through.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Keri and Pete xx

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